Boho and beach style

Guitar hanger

This beautiful guitar hanger is a piece of art on the wall. Also protect the guitar from te wall. You can choose your own color or thickness of the rope. 


No wires anymore that look uggly. Add macramé to it and it will bring color and design in your house. 


Caps holder

Very practical and a good show off of your caps. This holder provice space for 6 caps. You can choose your own base color. The straps can be in a different color. 


Let's hang it! A hanger of macramé you can use for so many different things. Put candlelights or other accessories on it. 


Beautiful coasters and treated with a furniturespray for protection for liquid and spots. The coasters can be made in every size, color or design. 

Wallart feathers

Amazing natural looks. Wood collected from the beach and feathers in every color you would like. This makes your interior wonderful!