Different styles and materials


I like working with wood. Pyrfography is a special technique in which you burn drawings in wood. I do this by hand. This ensures that each piece of art is unique in this way. I use the technique for ladles, wall art, trays or tapas boards.


With macramé you bring boho and beach style into your home. With the different knotting techniques I create different styles.

Coasters, wall art, cap hangers, guitar hangers, keycords etc. Choose your own style by picking colors or natural hangingsystems. The wood of the hangers are collected on the beach. I can give it a personal touch by for example adding a name with beads. 


A colorful and fun decoration is the dots of different materials. I use acrylic paint for this and make sure that outdoor materials are finished with a UV and water resistant layer. Mandalas are very populair, but also flowers, animals or just another creative spiritual design can be done. I can use it on ceramique, stone or wood. 

Beach art

I almost go every day to the beach to collect shells or special stones. At that moment I am focused on details of color, shape and design. To bring the beach a little bit into the home, I make wall art with shells and stones. Inspired by the ocean, the beach and the sun.